Springfield House Brand

Published 19th January 2016 at 18:15 by Lucinda Renshaw | Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 48 seconds

I've been given professional help.....not that kind of help, although the Fat Controller may say it's what I need....but in the terms of business help.  It's free to help small businesses in rural communities and its fab!  I was ask "what is Springfield Houses brand?"  

At first I had no idea what he was talking about, but then on reflecting, it's all about, firstly, the ever changing view of  the ebbing and flowing tides in the Torridge estuary, the North Devon Yacht Club and all its boats, watching people learn to sail, (that's a laugh, especially from land!), the migratory birds and how the water can look so different from one day to the next, just because of the weather.

Instow itself, although a little bigger than it was 50 years ago, but not much, retains its community spirit and we are very lucky to have such good pubs and restaurants, not to mention our glorious sandy beach.  It is the home of the North Devon Cricket club and they have to be careful about hitting a 6 too vigorously, in case it plops into the sea!!  

Secondly,  I think,  is the house itself.   I feel it's a very happy house, especially with lots of people in it.  The F.C. and I live in just two rooms  in the winter and when I go into the main house, it feels sad because it's being ignored.

Lastly I think it is the F.C and I, we are both friendly, gregarious people who love nothing better than to meet new people and hear their experiences.  We are both very relaxed and you would never see me in twin set and pearls....I'm usually coming to greet people straight from the garden, wiping my hands on my jeans and the F.C. is just a scruff bucket...he says the holes in his jeans are designer!!  

So that's what I think is our 'brand'.  The views, Instow, Springfield House and us!! We are one big package!!!

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